It is an exhilarating and exciting experience to note that the Land Department has indeed been invited to contribute to the system called Brunei Website Public System. This is only the beginning of our adventure into a more liberal and global frontiers of future information system. It is obviously bounded by many issues surrounding our efforts to confront the challenging years ahead. Nonetheless the Land Department shall proactively enhanced its efforts, resources and skill in making this contribution a more productive input both from the economic aspects and its effectiveness as well as its efficiency.

The years ahead should be more informative to all interested applicants. It is envisaged that all processes could be more transparent through this system. This transparency would curb anxieties upon the duration and outcome of their land dealings. It would also create acceptable tolerance by the public towards the mechanism involved in processing all applications with clear accountability to all parties involved. Land dealings should be understood as a joint efforts of several government agencies to produce activities not inconsistent to the planned land use pattern solely for the purpose of creating and maintaining a good environment to human kind. Land dealings and all related matters have never been a simple issue in many developed, or developing countries. The dynamics of legislation and the fruit of economic growth as well as the forces of change in a bustling and robust economies with myriads of conflicting demands, it is only fair to revert to the exercise of good management with emphasis for good value for money.

The process of creating a more cost effective land dealings would be so much enhanced by our involvement in the Website Public System. This is already a vogue in the area of  land management and land administration sector. The years ahead shall be more challenging as we become more and more bombarded by new software in the market. Therefore,1998 has been the years of dynamic change for the Lands Department as she becomes more open to meet the needs of our clients.

Although the economics of Brunei is relatively small both in its GDP and GNP, the Lands Department has a very significant role to play in the development of its economy. This is purely important to the public and private sectors in Brunei. Land titles has been the common collaterals used in spinning financial assistance and land parcels have been the centre of estate management and developments. Where could entrepreneurs and bankers go without reverting to land as the basis for commercial and industrial developments. Renewable and non renewable resources all are found in association with land resources. Thus, it is ultimately true to stop undermining the importance of  land to the people, namely the government, the private sector and the individuals. Central to all these is the Lands Department that will coherently gunner the development of economic growth for Brunei Darussalam in general.

It is also advocated that as the importance of land information in the Website Public System becomes more robust and disposable at a price to the public, the economics of sustaining land dealings at all levels will become more and more relevant and thus becomes more cost effective.

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